Bare Knuckle Silo Rabea Massaad Signature Humbucker Pickup Set

Bare Knuckle Silo Rabea Massaad Signature Humbucker Pickup Set

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The ‘Silo’ humbuckers define Rabea Massaad’s standing as a revered guitarist, music producer and performer, translating his immediately recognisable finger tone and phrasing.

"I need a pickup with the ability to create glassy, ambient leads and warm, clear chord tones. Equally I need it to sound crushingly heavy and aggressive.  

The Silo humbuckers give me everything I need and more. I couldnt be happier." Rabea

Twin screw coils, Alnico V magnets and a pairing of 44AWG wound bridge and 42AWG wound neck all combine into an incredible range of depth and output.

Rabea is renowned for the clarity in his guitar tones and the precision in his playing, whether it be textural ambient soundscapes or saturated driven breakdowns.

Silo’s clean and split coil tones are pure, warm, and full bodied, responding extremely well to pick dynamics and changes on the volume pot. Driven tones retain excellent note definition through extended chord voicings and lower tunings with incredible projection and weight behind every note.




    Progressive Rock & Metal, Thrash, Hardcore, Extreme & Tech Metal, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Alt Rock.


Any solid body guitar, baritones, multi-scale guitars, any guitar that requires depth, clarity, and range of output.



  • Position: Bridge
  • DC Resistance: 15.7 kΩ
  • Magnet: Alnico 5
  • Position: Neck
  • DC Resistance: 7.18 kΩ
  • Magnet: Alnico 5


Pole Spacing- 50mm

4 Conductor

1/4" Leg Length